Where do BC candidates stand on workers' rights?


In 2018, John Horgan and the NDP brought in a policy that forced workers to be members of a select group of unions – even if they were already a member of a union not in that group – in order to work on certain public infrastructure projects, such as the Pattullo Bridge, the Broadway Subway, or the Highway #1 expansion projects.

Some of these workers went to Victoria to express their concerns to Premier Horgan, but they were not listened to.

So these workers are writing to all candidates of all parties in this election to ask them if they will defend the rights of workers to be able to work on public infrastructure projects AND maintain their existing employment relationship with their employer (whether union or not).

Here are the results, candidate by candidate, for each riding in the province, so far:

Where candidates stand

We sent the following question to candidates:

Do you support workers' rights and the ability of all British Columbians to work on publicly funded infrastructure projects (like road, bridges, hospitals and schools) without having to change our existing union affiliation or employment situation?

YOUR CANDIDATE DIDN'T RESPOND? Help us get them to take a stand.

RidingPartyNameResponse/Party Position
Abbotsford SouthGreenAird FlavelleCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Abbotsford SouthLiberalCoun. Bruce BanmanYES - I DO
Abbotsford SouthNDPInder JohalNO - I DON'T
Abbotsford-MissionGreenStephen FowlerCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Abbotsford-MissionLiberalSimon Gibson MLAYES - I DO
Abbotsford-MissionNDPMayor Pam AlexisNO - I DON'T
Abbotsford-WestGreenKevin EastwoodCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Abbotsford-WestLiberalMichael de Jong MLAYES - I DO
Abbotsford-WestNDPPreet RaiNO - I DON'T
Boundary-SimilkameenGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Boundary-SimilkameenLiberalCounc. Petra VeintimillaYES - I DO
Boundary-SimilkameenNDPRoly RussellNO - I DON'T
Burnaby NorthGreenNorine ShimCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Burnaby NorthLiberalDr. Raymond DongYES - I DO
Burnaby NorthNDPJanet Routledge MLANO - I DON'T
Burnaby-Deer LakeGreenMehreen ChaudryCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Burnaby-Deer LakeLiberalGlynnis ChanYES - I DO
Burnaby-Deer LakeNDPAnne Kang MLANO - I DON'T
Burnaby-EdmondsGreenIqbal ParekhCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Burnaby-EdmondsLiberalTripat AtwalYES - I DO
Burnaby-EdmondsNDPRaj Chouhan, MLANO - I DON'T
Burnaby-LougheedGreenAndrew WilliamsonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Burnaby-LougheedLiberalTariq MalikYES - I DO
Burnaby-LougheedNDPKatrina Chen MLANO - I DON'T
Cariboo NorthGreenDouglas GookCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Cariboo NorthLiberalCoralee Oaks MLAYES - I DO
Cariboo NorthNDPScott ElliotNO - I DON'T
Cariboo-ChilcotinGreenDavid LaingCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Cariboo-ChilcotinLiberalLorne DoerksonYES - I DO
Cariboo-ChilcotinNDPScott AndrewsNO - I DON'T
ChilliwackLiberalJohn Martin MLAYES - I DO
ChilliwackNDPDan CoulterNO - I DON'T
Chilliwack-KentGreenJeff HammersmarkCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Chilliwack-KentLiberalLaurie Throness MLAYES - I DO
Chilliwack-KentNDPKelli PaddonNO - I DON'T
Columbia River-RevelstokeGreenSamson BoyerCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Columbia River-RevelstokeLiberalDoug Clovechok MLAYES - I DO
Columbia River-RevelstokeNDPNicole CherletNO - I DON'T
Coquitlam-Burke MountainGreenAdam Bremner-AkinsCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Coquitlam-Burke MountainLiberalJoan Isaacs MLAYES - I DO
Coquitlam-Burke MountainNDPFin Donnelly, Former MPNO - I DON'T
Coquitlam-MaillardvilleGreenNicola SpurlingCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Coquitlam-MaillardvilleLiberalWill DavisYES - I DO
Coquitlam-MaillardvilleNDPSelina Robinson, MLANO - I DON'T
Courtenay-ComoxGreenGillian AndersonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Courtenay-ComoxLiberalBrennan DayYES - I DO
Courtenay-ComoxNDPRonna-Rae Leonard MLANO - I DON'T
Cowichan ValleyGreenSonia Furstenau MLACLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Cowichan ValleyLiberalTanya KaulYES - I DO
Cowichan ValleyNDPCounc. Rob DouglasNO - I DON'T
Delta NorthGreenNeema ManralCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Delta NorthLiberalJet SunnerYES - I DO
Delta NorthNDPRavi Kahlon MLANO - I DON'T
Delta SouthGreenPeter Van Der VeldenCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Delta SouthLiberalIan Paton MLAYES - I DO
Delta SouthNDPBruce ReidNO - I DON'T
Esquimalt-MetchosinGreenAndy MackinnonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Esquimalt-MetchosinLiberalRJ SenkoYES - I DO
Esquimalt-MetchosinNDPMitzi Dean MLANO - I DON'T
Fraser-NicolaGreenJonah TimmCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Fraser-NicolaLiberalJackie Tegart MLAYES - I DO
Fraser-NicolaNDPFormer Nicola Band Chief Aaron SumexheltzaNO - I DON'T
Kamloops-North ThompsonGreenThomas MartinCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Kamloops-North ThompsonLiberalPeter Milobar MLAYES - I DO
Kamloops-North ThompsonNDPCounc. Sadie HunterNO - I DON'T
Kamloops-South ThompsonGreenDan HinesCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Kamloops-South ThompsonLiberalTodd Stone MLAYES - I DO
Kamloops-South ThompsonNDPAnna ThomasNO - I DON'T
Kelowna WestGreenPeter A. TrutchCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Kelowna WestLiberalBen Stewart MLAYES - I DO
Kelowna WestNDPSpring HawesNO - I DON'T
Kelowna-Lake CountryGreenJohn JaanmatCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Kelowna-Lake CountryLiberalNorm Letnick MLAYES - I DO
Kelowna-Lake CountryNDPJustin KulikNO - I DON'T
Kelowna-MissionGreenAmanda PoonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Kelowna-MissionLiberalRenee MerrifieldYES - I DO
Kelowna-MissionNDPKrystal SmithNO - I DON'T
Kootenay EastGreenKerri WallCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Kootenay EastLiberalTom Shypitka MLAYES - I DO
Kootenay EastNDPWayne Stetski, former MPNO - I DON'T
Kootenay WestGreenAndrew DuncanCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Kootenay WestLiberalCorbin KellyYES - I DO
Kootenay WestNDPKatrine Conroy, MLANO - I DON'T
Langford-Juan de FucaGreenGord BairdCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Langford-Juan de FucaLiberalKelly DarwinYES - I DO
Langford-Juan de FucaNDPJohn Horgan, MLANO - I DON'T
LangleyLiberalMary PolakYES - I DO
LangleyNDPAndrew MercierNO - I DON'T
Langley EastGreenCheryl WiensCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Langley EastLiberalCouncillor Margaret KunstYES - I DO
Langley EastNDPMegan DykemanNO - I DON'T
Maple Ridge-MissionGreenMatt TrenholmCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Maple Ridge-MissionLiberalCouncillor Chelsa MeadusYES - I DO
Maple Ridge-MissionNDPBob D'Eith MLANO - I DON'T
Maple Ridge-Pitt MeadowsGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Maple Ridge-Pitt MeadowsLiberalCheryl AshlieYES - I DO
Maple Ridge-Pitt MeadowsNDPLisa Beare MLANO - I DON'T
Mid Island-Pacific RimGreenEvan JolicoeurCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Mid Island-Pacific RimLiberalHelen PoonYES - I DO
Mid Island-Pacific RimNDPMayor Josie OsborneNO - I DON'T
NanaimoGreenLia Marie Constance VersaevelCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
NanaimoLiberalKathleen JonesYES - I DO
NanaimoNDPSheila Malcolmson, MLANO - I DON'T
Nanaimo-North CowichanGreenChris IstaceCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Nanaimo-North CowichanLiberalDuck PatersonYES - I DO
Nanaimo-North CowichanNDPDoug Routley, MLANO - I DON'T
Nechako LakesGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Nechako LakesLiberalJohn Rustad MLAYES - I DO
Nechako LakesNDPAnne Marie SamNO - I DON'T
Nelson-CrestonGreenNicole CharlwoodCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Nelson-CrestonLiberalTanya FinleyYES - I DO
Nelson-CrestonNDPBrittny AndersonNO - I DON'T
New WestminsterGreenCyrus SyCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
New WestminsterLiberalLorraine BrettYES - I DO
New WestminsterNDPJennifer WhitesideNO - I DON'T
North CoastGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
North CoastLiberalRoy JonesYES - I DO
North CoastNDPJennifer Rice, MLANO - I DON'T
North IslandGreenAlexandra MortonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
North IslandLiberalNorm FaceyYES - I DO
North IslandNDPMichele BabchukNO - I DON'T
North Vancouver-LonsdaleGreenChristopher HakesCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
North Vancouver-LonsdaleLiberalLyn AnglinYES - I DO
North Vancouver-LonsdaleNDPBowinn Ma MLANO - I DON'T
North Vancouver-SeymourGreenHarrison JohnsonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
North Vancouver-SeymourLiberalJane Thornthwaite MLAYES - I DO
North Vancouver-SeymourNDPSusie ChantNO - I DON'T
Oak Bay-Gordon HeadGreenNicole DuncanCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Oak Bay-Gordon HeadLiberalRoxanne HelmYES - I DO
Oak Bay-Gordon HeadNDPMurray RankinNO - I DON'T
Parksville-QualicumGreenRob LyonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Parksville-QualicumLiberalMichelle Stilwell MLAYES - I DO
Parksville-QualicumNDPAdam WalkerNO - I DON'T
Peace River NorthGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Peace River NorthLiberalDan Davies MLAYES - I DO
Peace River NorthNDPDanielle MonroeNO - I DON'T
Peace River SouthGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Peace River SouthLiberalMike Bernier MLAYES - I DO
Peace River SouthNDPCory Grizz LongleyNO - I DON'T
PentictonGreenTed ShumakerCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
PentictonLiberalDan Ashton MLAYES - I DO
PentictonNDPMayor Toni BootNO - I DON'T
Port CoquitlamGreenErik MintyCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Port CoquitlamLiberalMehran ZarghamYES - I DO
Port CoquitlamNDPMike Farnworth, MLANO - I DON'T
Port Moody-CoquitlamGreenJohn LatimerCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Port Moody-CoquitlamLiberalJames RobertsonYES - I DO
Port Moody-CoquitlamNDPRick Glumac, MLANO - I DON'T
Powell River-Sunshine CoastGreenKim DarwinCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Powell River-Sunshine CoastLiberalSandra Stoddart-HansenYES - I DO
Powell River-Sunshine CoastNDPNicholas Simons, MLANO - I DON'T
Prince George-MackenzieGreenCatharine KendallCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Prince George-MackenzieLiberalMike Morris MLAYES - I DO
Prince George-MackenzieNDPJoan AtkinsonNO - I DON'T
Prince George-ValemountGreenMackenzie KerrCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Prince George-ValemountLiberalShirley Bond MLAYES - I DO
Prince George-ValemountNDPLaura ParentNO - I DON'T
Richmond North CentreGreenVernon WangCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Richmond North CentreLiberalTeresa Wat MLAYES - I DO
Richmond North CentreNDPJaeden Dela TorreNO - I DON'T
Richmond South CentreGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Richmond South CentreLiberalCouncillor Alexa LooYES - I DO
Richmond South CentreNDPHenry YaoNO - I DON'T
Richmond-QueenboroughGreenEarl EinarsonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Richmond-QueenboroughLiberalJas Johal MLAYES - I DO
Richmond-QueenboroughNDPAman SinghNO - I DON'T
Richmond-StevestonGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Richmond-StevestonLiberalMatt PitcairnYES - I DO
Richmond-StevestonNDPCounc. Kelly GreeneNO - I DON'T
Saanich North and the IslandsGreenAdam Olsen MLACLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Saanich North and the IslandsLiberalStephen P. RobertsYES - I DO
Saanich North and the IslandsNDPZeb KingNO - I DON'T
Saanich SouthGreenKate O.ConnorCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Saanich SouthLiberalRishi SharmaYES - I DO
Saanich SouthNDPLana Popham, MLANO - I DON'T
ShuswapLiberalGreg Kyllo MLAYES - I DO
ShuswapNDPSylvia LindgrenNO - I DON'T
SkeenaGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
SkeenaLiberalEllis Ross MLAYES - I DO
SkeenaNDPNicole HalbauerNO - I DON'T
StikineGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
StikineLiberalHeriditary Chief Gordon SebastianYES - I DO
StikineNDPNathan Cullen, MPNO - I DON'T
Surrey SouthGreenTim IbbotsonCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Surrey SouthLiberalStephanie Cadieux MLAYES - I DO
Surrey SouthNDPPauline GreavesNO - I DON'T
Surrey-CloverdaleGreenRebecca SmithCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Surrey-CloverdaleLiberalMarvin Hunt MLAYES - I DO
Surrey-CloverdaleNDPMike StarchukNO - I DON'T
Surrey-FleetwoodGreenGene McGeeCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Surrey-FleetwoodLiberalGary ThindYES - I DO
Surrey-FleetwoodNDPJagrup Brar MLANO - I DON'T
Surrey-Green TimbersGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Surrey-Green TimbersLiberalDilraj AtwalYES - I DO
Surrey-Green TimbersNDPRachna Singh MLANO - I DON'T
Surrey-GuildfordGreenJodi MurphyCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Surrey-GuildfordLiberalDavid HansYES - I DO
Surrey-GuildfordNDPGarry Begg MLANO - I DON'T
Surrey-NewtonLiberalPaul BoparaiYES - I DO
Surrey-NewtonNDPHarry Bains, MLANO - I DON'T
Surrey-PanoramaGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Surrey-PanoramaLiberalDr. Gulzar CheemaYES - I DO
Surrey-PanoramaNDPJinny Sims MLANO - I DON'T
Surrey-WhalleyGreen(no candidate)CLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Surrey-WhalleyLiberalShaukat KhanYES - I DO
Surrey-WhalleyNDPBruce Ralston, MLANO - I DON'T
Surrey-White RockGreenBeverly (Pixie) HobbyCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Surrey-White RockLiberalTrevor HalfordYES - I DO
Surrey-White RockNDPBryn SmithNO - I DON'T
Vancouver-FairviewGreenIan GoldmanCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-FairviewLiberalGeorge AffleckYES - I DO
Vancouver-FairviewNDPGeorge Heyman, MLANO - I DON'T
Vancouver-False CreekGreenMaayan KreitzmanCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-False CreekLiberalSam Sullivan MLAYES - I DO
Vancouver-False CreekNDPBrenda BaileyNO - I DON'T
Vancouver-FraserviewGreenFrancoise RaunetCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-FraserviewLiberalDavid GrewalYES - I DO
Vancouver-FraserviewNDPGeorge Chow MLANO - I DON'T
Vancouver-HastingsGreenBridget BurnsCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-HastingsLiberalAlex ReadYES - I DO
Vancouver-HastingsNDPNikki SharmaNO - I DON'T
Vancouver-KensingtonGreenNazanin MoghadamiCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-KensingtonLiberalPaul LepageYES - I DO
Vancouver-KensingtonNDPMable Elmore, MLANO - I DON'T
Vancouver-KingswayGreenScott BernsteinCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-KingswayLiberalCole AndersonYES - I DO
Vancouver-KingswayNDPAdrian Dix, MLANO - I DON'T
Vancouver-LangaraGreenStephanie HendyCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-LangaraLiberalMichael Lee MLAYES - I DO
Vancouver-LangaraNDPTesicca TruongNO - I DON'T
Vancouver-Mount PleasantGreenKelly TathamCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-Mount PleasantLiberalGeorge VassilasYES - I DO
Vancouver-Mount PleasantNDPMelanie Mark, MLANO - I DON'T
Vancouver-Point GreyGreenDevyani SinghCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-Point GreyLiberalMark BowenYES - I DO
Vancouver-Point GreyNDPDavid Eby, MLANO - I DON'T
Vancouver-QuilchenaGreenMichael BarkuskyCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-QuilchenaLiberalAndrew Wilkinson MLAYES - I DO
Vancouver-QuilchenaNDPHeather McQuillanNO - I DON'T
Vancouver-West EndGreenJames MarshallCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vancouver-West EndLiberalJon EllacottYES - I DO
Vancouver-West EndNDPSpencer Chandra Herbert MLANO - I DON'T
Vernon-MonasheeGreenKeli WestgateCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Vernon-MonasheeLiberalEric Foster MLAYES - I DO
Vernon-MonasheeNDPHarwinder SandhuNO - I DON'T
Victoria-Beacon HillGreenJenn NeilsenCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Victoria-Beacon HillLiberalKaren BillYES - I DO
Victoria-Beacon HillNDPGrace A. LoreNO - I DON'T
Victoria-Swan LakeGreenAnnemieke HolthuisCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
Victoria-Swan LakeLiberalDavid SomervilleYES - I DO
Victoria-Swan LakeNDPRob Fleming MLANO - I DON'T
West Vancouver-CapilanoGreenRasoul NarimaniCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
West Vancouver-CapilanoLiberalKarin KirkpatrickYES - I DO
West Vancouver-CapilanoNDPAmelia HillNO - I DON'T
West Vancouver-Sea to SkyGreenJeremy ValerioteCLICK TO WRITE CANDIDATE
West Vancouver-Sea to SkyLiberalJordan Sturdy MLAYES - I DO
West Vancouver-Sea to SkyNDPKeith MurdochNO - I DON'T

UPDATE: We have written the candidates and have not got a response from the vast majority of them. For purposes of clarity we have attributed their parties’ formal position to each of the candidates. We realize this does not follow our original objective and would be happy to hear from the candidates directly. Please go here to write your candidate to encourage them to respond or contact them directly and let us know what they say.